In genealogy I have found the ultimate expression of my love for things ancient - I love the old books, records, places, buildings, cemeteries, and history I am exposed to while pursuing information about my ancestors. I have been doing genealogy since the age of nine when my grandmother showed me her family bible and a family history written by one of her cousins.

My research has centered mostly on Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. I have also performed research using English parish and probate records dating from the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries. I am particularly fond of my Rhode Island research as my ancestors were prominent in the establishment of that Colony in 1638 and after. I have compiled a brief Rhode Island history time-line.

Most recently I have been getting into doing genealogy on the Internet - checking out web sites of libraries and archives, governmental institutions, and other individuals doing genealogy, as well as logging onto Usenet and list-serve groups. Some of these links can be found in my resources page.

At this point in time I am still preparing my data for posting on the Web. I am using a Macintosh-based genealogy program, Reunion (by Leister Productions), to export my data to a Word family register report file. I am then using an HTML editor to format it for the web in the format I find most pleasing. I am also working on a program in Java that will process GEDCOM files into any web-page format I want.

I want those enjoying my site to understand, however, that I consider the genealogical material I present as a work in progress. I present it as a resource to others, but I RESERVE ALL RIGHTS TO ORIGINAL RESEARCH. I will provide sources of the information given but ask that you use it responsibly and check out the sources for yourself. Any use of the contents of these pages without my express consent is prohibited.

At this time I have only one offering to make:

  • The Genealogy of Joseph Clarke
  • I have also programmed my own on-line GEDCOM file browser - called WebGen. It is a work in progress and the GEDCOM files are a bit out of date, so I cannot vouch for accuracy of the data. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is a Java applet that can cause the usual gamut of browser problems, notably shutting it down. I recently (2003-04-07) completed a total rewrite of the application in Java Swing (JDK1.4.1) with lots of nice usability enhancements. At this time I have the following GEDCOMs online for viewing:

  • Clarke Family
  • Bailey Family
  • Howarth Family
  • Youdan Family