This was my very first Eclipse plugin. It's a useful little plugin that adds submenu to the popup context menu of the Java Editor, "Add Logging". Under this, you can chose to automatically add error or debug logging statements. At this point in time, it is Log4J specific.

Updated! Version 1.0.2 has some minor revisions to the preferences page, but primarily is a release for those wishing to use the plugin in Eclipse 3.0-M6 and beyond. If you are still using Eclipse 2.1 or earlier milestone releases of 3.0, use version 1.0.1.

quick start

To use this plug-in, download the zip file, unzip and move the the plug-in directory to ${eclipse.home}/plugins, and restart eclipse. I have verified that this plug-in works under Eclipse 2.1 through 3.0-M4.

open issues

Type Description Resource Location
enh Create an update manager site
enh I noticed that when inserting ERROR and FATAL messages, the log statement is not surrounded with if-then blocks, while the other log levels are. I tend to do things that way, too. However, would it be possible to configure this under the Window > Preferences > Logging dialog? I'm thinking that others may want to leave off the if-then block when logging WARN statements (or others). I envision this an option to enable at which level if-then blocks should be written. Also, the ERROR and FATAL message templates contain an exception argument. Could this be configurable, too? ...a s in which levels should contain exception parameters and what the default name of that parameter. - DSpurgeo at wfscorp dot com, 10/2003
enh Add an editor(s) for logging config files
FIXME rework to detect exception to insert with statment? line 77


See also the Getting Started doc if you want to contribute.

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