All issues with boneclipse-cvsgrapher will be listed here (that is until I see a need for actual issue tracking software; playing around with Scarab and JIRA at work lately. I really like JIRA so far.


type description submitter date
rfe Do you think you can open it to other version control systems? What about an extension point that lets you introduce a kind of factory so other team providers can deliver the version/branch/tag model? Gunnar Wagenknecht, g.wagenknecht at planet-wagenknecht dot de 2003-7-14
todo unit tests, logging, externalize strings bonevich 2003-7-10
todo accessibility bonevich 2003-7-10


type description submitter date submitted date resolved
rfe Eventually it would be nice to make the merge marking more configurable (i.e. configurable tag names) bonevich 2003-7-9 2004-1-31
rfe Create preference page for colors, display attributes, order of info, etc. bonevich 2003-7-9 2004-1-31
rfe add ability to zoom Klaus Falser, kfalser at durst dot it 2003-7-15 2003-7-16
bug Page-down/up and the arrows doesn't work on the editor Thomas Ardal, tas at systematic dot dk 2003-7-11 2003-7-16
bug The editor [itself ] doesn't show any tooltip Thomas Ardal, tas at systematic dot dk 2003-7-11 2003-7-15


type description submitter date submitted reason
rfe be able to invoke the graph view from within the Synchronize view Eric Rizzo, eric.rizzo at jibeinc dot com 2003-7-10 No extension points offered by team or cvs plugins to add to Sync View context menu; only means to do this is to write your own provider, particularly CVSSyncCompareInput and CVSCatchupReleaseViewer, the latter of which has a protected method fillContextMenu(IMenuManager mgr) which can be overwritten to add to the menu.

reporting issues

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