I am a web developer by training and trade. I work primarily with the Java programming language, although I have also done quite a bit of python and perl programming. I dabble with many other languages. My primary interests are in object-oriented methodology and design, and database- and enterprise-based software.


Linux rules. It is not for the timid of heart or weak of technical know-how. But I like the challenge in getting things to work because the payoff is so great - open software standards, an amazing multitude of software tools, and a community of deep thinkers and rebellious, anti-corporate interests. Don't get me wrong...I think many lugheads go overboard on the anti-Microsoft bandwagon, but being properly paranoid is a good thing. Subvert the dominant paradigm!


I have a real passion for genealogy, and family and local history. I have put some of my work online. Anyone interested in discussing genealogy, online genealogy, and issues of standards of evidence?

shameless self-promotion

I am a web developer working in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am big into object-oriented design and programming, and my favored languages are Java, Python, and Perl. Check out some of the work I have done.